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    Consulting and
    training in RPA
    Senior RPA consultants
    for efficient automation projects

Full stack RPA Consultants

We have 25 years of experience in system development and IT projects in various business and have a great passion for automating processes using RPA. Using only senior consultants that manage everything from process mapping to development and project management, we deliver RPA projects with much higher efficiency and return on investment than a traditionell project team that requires handovers between each member.

UiPath process flow example

We have deep knowledge in several areas and techniques that are needed to achive good results in RPA:

  • Construction of client side application and web pages (GUI)
  • Excel/Office development (incl. VBA)
  • .NET development
  • Pattern matching (Regular Expressions)
  • Conversion of data and documents
  • Databases and API methods
  • Windows Server Management

UiPath Certified

Vincera are UiPath certified, one of the leading RPA plattforms.

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